Expert Secrets Book Summary

Book Worm • 27 April 2018

One Sentence Summary

  • The book is about how to create a mass movement of people through the way you, as a leader, will interact with the people.


Best Quotes

“Robert G. Allen, the great real estate investor and coach, once said that he made millions DOING real estate, but he made hundreds of millions TEACHING it.” 

“Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich.”


Key Takeaways

  • Every great mass movement has leader. It’s easy to assume that some people are just born leaders and others are not.
  • You see people become leaders when they first try to master something for themselves.
  • Then after they’ve discovered a path for themselves, they share their knowledge with others.
  • People have consistent voices that they’re inadequate, they’re not enough, not smart enough, not focused enough, not thin enough, not experienced enough, not good enough.


About author

  • Russell Brunson (born March 8, 1980) started his first online company while he was wrestling at Boise State University. He owns a software company, a supplement company, a coaching company and is one of the top super affiliates in the world.
  • Robert Kiyosaki (born April 8, 1947) is an American businessman and author. Kiyosaki is the founder of the Rich Das Company, a private financial education company.


Expert Secrets Book Summary
Expert Secrets Book Summary


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