The Coaching Habit Summary

Book Worm • 9 May 2018

One Sentence Summary


  • In his book, Stanier explains that coaching isn´t about solving other people´s problems, but about guiding them toward their own solutions, by asking the seven questions.


Best Quotes

"Call them forward to learn, improve and grow, rather than just get something sorted out."

“You have to help people do more of the work that has impact and meaning.”

“Five times a second, at an unconscious level, your brain is scanning the environment around you and asking itself: Is it safe here? Or is it dangerous?”

“though it accounts for only about 2 percent of your body weight, your brain uses about 20 percent of your energy.”

“One of the laws of change: As soon as you try something new, you’ll get resistance.”


Key Takeaways


  • Building a coaching habit will help the team to become more self-sufficient, be more focused and reconnect to the work that has impact as well as meaning.
  • The Seven Essential questions will help you break out of the vicious circles and elevate the way you work.
  • The Kickstart Question: What´s on your mind?
  • The AWE Question: And what else?
  • The Focus Question: What´s the real challenge here for you?
  • The Foundation Question: What do you want?
  • The Lazy Question: How can I help?
  • The Strategic Question: If you´re saying yes to this, what are you saying no to?
  • The Learning Question: What was most useful to you about this conversation?


About author


  • Michael Bungay Stanier is a bestselling author and the first recipient of the Canadian Coach of the Year award. He is the senior partner at ´Box of Crayons´.


The Coaching Habit Summary
The Coaching Habit Summary


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