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The generic name of Percocet is Oxycodone-Acetaminophen. And, Percocet is a combination of an opioid pain reliever(oxycodone) and a non-opioid pain reliever(Acetaminophen). Hence, this medication is beneficial in the treatment of moderate to severe pain.Buy Percocet Online with PayPal.




Doctors prescribe doses of this medication according to the medical condition of the patient. And, doses also depend on the age and sex of the people. So the doctor usually prescribes 2.5mg to 10mg as an initial dose for a young adult. Also, they can prescribe higher doses if needed.


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How supplied-


Many people use this medication for abuse. So it is illegal to buy this medication without taking the prescription of the doctor. Hence you should take the doctor’s prescription if you have to use this medication.


Initial dosage for adults-


Different doses of this medication can be useful for a young adult. So the initial dose for a young is 2.5mg. And the doses should be given every six hours to the patients. Also, doctors can prescribe 5mg, 7.5mg, and 10 mg according to the patient's conditions. Hence, buy Percocet 10mg online to get instant fast delivery to your doorsteps.


Usual adult dosage-


The usual dose of Percocet is 2.5mg for a young adult. And you should not give this medication to children. Therefore giving this medication to the children can be harmful to them.


Hence it would be best if you take a doctor’s prescription before you use or give this medication to your children.




This medication is a controlled substance. And using this for a long time can be addictive. You should follow some precautions before taking the Percocet. Hence below are some points to keep in mind before taking this medication.


  • You should tell your doctor about your medical condition history.

  • This medication is interactive with certain foods, beverages, and medications. So, you should not take Percocet with those interactive substances.

  • You should not use this medication during pregnancy.

  • Do not give this medication to the children without the doctor's prescription., etc.


How to use OxyContin?


You can take the Oxycontin capsule or tablet with or without food. And you can take it every 4-6 hours. Also, it would be best if you take the medication according to the doctor's prescription.


You should take medical consultation before using Percocet if you have or ever had any of the below-given conditions-


  • Firstly you are taking other medication

  • Existing medical conditions. 

  • Drug interactions. 

  • Medication intolerance.

  • You are taking alcohol

  • During pregnancy, etc.


Don’t use Percocet if you have/are-


Percocet is an opioid. And it can be harmful to you if you do not use this medication as per the doctor’s prescription. So you should not take the medication, if you are taking alcohol, have any other medical condition, or are intolerant to medication. 


Side effects-


Some common side effects of Percocet-

  • dizziness

  • dry mouth.

  • stomach pain.

  • drowsiness.

  • flushing.

  • headache.

  • mood changes, etc.


Unknown incidence-


Taking an overdose dose of this medication can be lethal to you. And, sometimes an overdose of this medication can cause death. Also, it has some severe side effects that can be very harmful to you.




Percocet is beneficial in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. And it is one of the most effective medications for treating pain. So if you want to buy this medication, you can buy Percocet 10mg online or get it from a nearby drug store.


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