How to Merge Outlook Emails into one?

Contarino Rosario • 6 September 2022

It can be difficult to organize a big amount of emails in Outlook, but it doesn't have to be. To combine numerous emails into one in Outlook, simply follow the easy instructions listed in the blog! although it's not required to be. To merge Outlook emails into one in Outlook, simply follow the easy instructions listed in the blog!

MS Outlook is now the most dependable and popular email program. Due to its numerous beneficial features, MS Outlook is preferred by the majority of businesses over alternative email programs. Outlook has become more sophisticated over time, and it has raised the bar for itself. Microsoft Outlook has some small problems and is not flawless, like all software.

Users of earlier versions of Outlook (97-2002) were unable to have huge PST files since each PST file was only allowed to be 2GB in size. It follows that if you have used Outlook for a long period, you probably have a lot of tiny PST files. If so, it would be simple to forget about these PST files. Thus, Many veteran users are searching for a tool to merge these PST files for this reason. Additionally, PST files within Outlook can be combined.

Methods to Merge Outlook Emails into One Outlook

Consider doing this if you just need to merge a few PST files because you cannot combine several PST files at once. The two-step procedure is described in detail below:

  1. Make a new, empty PST file first or you can say create new PST file. Then select New Items > More Items > Outlook Data Files from the Home tab. Give your PST file a name.

  2. Now, select File > Open & Export > Import > Import from another software or file. Then pick Outlook Data File (.pst).

  3. Browse the PST file to import after that. There are several alternatives available for you to pick from. Click "Next" after choosing the relevant option.

  4. To merge outlook emails into one, you can repeat the operation numerous times.

Limitations of Manual Solution

It is clear that this procedure is time-consuming and complex. So, in order to overcome this problem, a professional PST merger tool is required.

The majority of individuals might not be aware of the more recent versions of Outlook The majority of individuals might not be aware that the PST file size restriction has been loosened in later versions of Outlook (2010 or later). The size of PST/OST files can now reach 50 GB. The 4096 TB technical limit, though, is absurd.

Additionally, although the prior PST files were in ANSI format, these new PST files are in Unicode format. Follow the instructions below to check the PST/OST file format:

  1. In more recent versions of Outlook (2010 or later): Click File, Info, Account Settings, Account Settings, and then Data Files.

  2. Double-click the PST file to open it. Check the "Format" field to see if it says

  3. You are in Unicode format if you have a file called "Personal Folders File" or "Outlook Data File."

  4. You are in ANSI format if your file is named "Personal Folders File (97-2002)" or "Outlook Data File (97-2002).

Expert Choice to Merge Outlook PST Files into One

Using the Advik PST Merge Tool, combine multiple PST files. This section will go into detail on how the Advik PST Merge PST tool functions. Return to the software now, and then perform the actions listed below.

Upon completion of the tool installation, a dialogue box will appear. You can now choose which PST files you want to merge together. Next, you can choose between two merging choices. Choose Merge to combine several PST files into one file. Alternatively, choose Join to combine multiple PST files into one PST file with different folders (choose the Join option).


In summary, Advik PST Merge Tool is an advanced tool for combining your PST files. Because it only allows you to merge specific PST folders from the tree structure, this utility is highly comprehensive. The user can select from a variety of objects to integrate MS Outlook calendars, emails, contacts, tasks, and more using the extensive filtering tools. Simply deselect the items you do not wish to integrate.

Additionally, with this tool, you can also open password-protected PST file without removing the password. With this tool, you can skip duplicate items and merge things from a particular date range. We strongly suggest this because it has all of these attributes.

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