Ways to Open EML File in Outlook 2019

Contarino Rosario • 23 September 2022

Email Message is referred to as EML and was created by Microsoft Corporation. EML files can automatically be opened in Outlook Express (came preinstalled with Windows XP OS). An EML file typically has a header and the message body and adheres to a predefined structure. EML files can be utilized with a variety of third-party apps, servers, and email clients due to compliance with email standards.

If you have Outlook 2010 or a later version installed on your computer, EML files will automatically open in Outlook but for this you need to convert EML to PST to access EML files in Outlook. If you are unable to open it, you can force them to do so by setting Outlook as the default application.

Why Open EML Files in Microsoft Outlook?

Numerous individuals must have used outmoded email applications over the years, such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc. As a result, a lot of people are now switching from these email programs to MS Outlook because it now has a lot of cutting-edge capabilities. Please be aware that the EML format only supports Windows-compatible email clients. Microsoft occasionally keeps switching the default email clients with each new OS release. For instance, Outlook Express served as the default email client in older Windows OS versions like XP, but Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail took their place in later Windows OS versions like Vista and 7. These three email applications each offer various

Adaptive Methods for Opening EML Files in Outlook

Method 1. Make Outlook Default Application to Open EML files

  1. Go to the drive where the EML files are stored. Right-click, choose "Open with," then pick "Outlook." Check out the excerpt below for more details.
  2. Choose "Open with" and then "Outlook."

Method 2. Using MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail 

The best course of action is to back up your data before continuing. Please carry out the actions listed below:

  1. Open WLM with MS Outlook.
  2. Click File > Export Email > Email Messages in WLM.
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange from the export menu and then click next. You'll notice a dialogue window appear (see below). Click OK to continue.
  4. deciding on Microsoft Exchange
  5. Then, you can transfer either all folders at once or just a select few. Select the best solution.
  6. A notification indicating successful completion will appear; click Finish.
  7. Open MS Outlook right now and search for the emails.

Note: If your export was unsuccessful, you can now run into an error. Making Outlook the default software for opening emails can fix this.

Method 3. Drop EML files into MS Outlook

This is undoubtedly the simplest way to import EML files into Outlook. You can drag and drop the EML files to Outlook if you have access to them.

Method 4. Open EML Files OutsideWithout Outlook

Although these manual methods may appear simple to anyone, there is no assurance that all of your EML files will be correctly exported to Outlook. It will require a lot of time and work on your part if you have a lot of EML data. Most crucially, there is a chance that the manual approach will change the EML file's SMTP header section. The use of a trustworthy Advik EML Converter is suggested as a result of these factors. We believe that this program is an efficient way that can help you with all of your accessing-related EML problems. It is a unique standalone program because it allows you to browse EML files on your own without exporting them.

It is a unique standalone tool that allows you to read EML files independently of exporting them to Outlook. It provides built-in recurse subfolders and automated EML file searches. It is a simple tool that functions in three steps: select, view, and save. You can choose to save the email description as an HTML file as well. Basic functionality is included in the freeware, while versions with personal and business licenses offer extra capabilities like:

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