Three of the Most Common Methods of Making an Online Payment

Jacklin Albert • 27 October 2022


When you sign up for Forum and publish a WSO, you must provide a checkout link that goes to a secure payment processor. This payment processor is the "gateway" to your financial success. It's essential to get paid, so don't sell your product if you don't have it. Here, then, quickly, are the five best options for making online payments.



About 305 million people worldwide use PayPal each month, making it the largest and most widely adopted online payment system. Do you require monetary assistance from others? PayPal. Do you want a payment processor to handle your monthly Spotify or Netflix dues? PayPal. Has your WSO been rejected because it lacks a working purchase button? PayPal.



Similar to PayPal, Stripe doesn't require a membership or any other fees to use. However, Stripe is a specialized payment platform with unique tools and features that can be used by any developer to build a payment platform that is unique to any business.


Pay with Amazon

Amazon Pay is the company's in-house payment system, allowing them to quickly and easily interact with all of its customers. It works with Alexa and can be used to donate to causes or buy stuff from other people's websites like amazon marketing services.

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