Unlimited Memory: Book Summary & Mind Map

Book Worm • 23 April 2018

One Sentence Summary

  • The approach is all about running your own brain; this can only be possible with the foundation of memory.


Best Quotes

  • “Every single thought we have is creative: it has the power to build and the power to destroy.” 
  • “Learn to be silent. Let your quiet mind listen and absorb,” said Pythagoras.” 
  • “Multitasking is a myth!”
  • “Your mind never wanders away; it only moves towards more interesting things.” 


Key Takeaways

  • PIC. Purpose, interest, and curiosity. In order to be interested and curious about something, first attach some purpose to it. Then, you’ll be able to remember it.
  • The SEE method makes you remember better, by actively engaging the full potential of your brain. The three letters stand for senses, exaggeration, and energize. And it’s the process by which you’ll be remembering things from now on.
  • CCCC. Concentrate, create, connect, continue. This is especially good for remembering names. Create something out of It SEE-style, then connect it to a person-specific quality, and then use it continually.


About author

  • Kevin Horsley is an International Professional Speaker, Grandmaster of Memory and World Record Holder. Kevin assists organizations in improving their focus, learning, productivity, motivation, creativity, and thinking.
Unlimited Memory: Book Summary & Mind Map
Unlimited Memory: Book Summary & Mind Map


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