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 Fantastic Academy is an online platform where you can find training courses in the cleaning industry. Our courses are designed to meet the goals and preferences of companies and individuals who want to improve their cleaning skills or want to start a business. Now we only have a few activities from the course, such as home cleaning, oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, disinfection and removal of antivirus and packaging. Each one flows in two packages: silver and gold. So if you are looking for a job and you need a clean certificate, the best option is Silver Training. It will provide you with a basic understanding of the UK cleaning industry and prepare you for exceptional service. Gold training includes not only basic information but also target information. This package is ideal for those planning to build their own business. You will also receive a certificate, but the main benefit of receiving training is that you will see the entire process of starting a business. You'll also meet like-minded people, so you can share some experiences. You can read more about each category of cleaners on our website. Here you will also find the business opportunities we offer. If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 07 480 048 820 or send us an email.

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