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Since the outbreak of the ongoing pandemic, most people work from home. To communicate with your colleagues, clients, or team members. They are increasingly using Email communication. The number of email users has increased multiplefold in the last one year. Yahoo mail, which millions of users use every day, is one of the most prominent email platforms. Yahoo follows IMAP protocol. IMAP mailboxes must not exceed a specified size. Because a mailbox is most rich, opening it in a web browser tab takes much more time.

Yahoo Mail users need to back up their email backups. It will make the mailbox more responsive, quicker, and easier to open.

Yahoo Mail's account details of hundreds and millions of users have been compromised in three major data breaches that occurred since 2013. Yahoo Mail backup is essential under such circumstances.

How do you back up Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo doesn't have an inbuilt backup option to allow users to download emails. However you can use IMAP protocol (to connect the account) to access your email and view it.

Microsoft Outlook Backup

  1. Microsoft Outlook connects Yahoo Mail with IMAP ports. These are the details you need to add an account.
  3. Incoming mail – 993
  4. Outgoing mail – 465
  5. Outlook will allow you to add the details to your Yahoo accounts.
    • Outlook can be used for managing your Yahoo account after adding it. After clicking the Filter option, you can go to Open & Export. Then, click Import/Export.
    • Select Export a File' then click Next.
    • Select Outlook Datafile. Click Next.
    • Choose the folder that should be saved to the backup file. Choose the folder containing email. Click Next.
    • Click the Browse option to select the destination folder from which to save the PST files. Additionally, you can choose to manage duplicates by selecting the Options. Finally, click the finish icon.

Take Backup Thunderbird

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird will allow you to add Yahoo accounts and then export data. ImportExportTools allows you to export your data in a clean way. You can add this add-on to your application and then restart it.
  • After you've installed ImportExportTools NG you can access your mailbox folder by clicking on the right-click icon. Select ImportExportTools.NG>>Export any messages within the folder>>EML format.
    • NOTE: The Formats that are currently available include HTML, HTML1, Plain Text format and single text files, Spreadsheets, PDF, etc.
    • After selecting the format you want, save it in any folder.

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We provided two ways to save Yahoo Mails to your computer using a different data format. Outlook and Thunderbird don't export all folders.

Yahoo Mail professional accounts should not use manual techniques as a way to protect emails. There aren't any selection or filter options that will apply to all of your mailboxes. They can only save the emails and not other data like notes or contacts.

It is recommended that you use an IMAP Backup tool that recognizes Yahoo Mail settings to connect with your account. It should support filters that are based on your mailbox environment and be able save it. Professional Backup software provides multiple formats for saving the emails.

Professional software can be downloaded for free. Users can also use them to store emails in a limited capacity.

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